The Computers, Videogames and Arcade Collector's Ring

I own a site talking about old computers and/or videogames.Why do I have to subscribe ?

This WebRing is dedicated to all people collecting computers, videogames and arcades machines or mastering a museum related to these. There are many sites talking about these stuff on Internet, but it's pretty difficult to find them all, using either Search Engines or sites links.

When subscribing to this Ring, your site is added to a known list of sites talking about the same things. Some default pictures on these sites help a user to jump from a site to another, simply clicking on a small icon, and this allow Ring's subscribers to know eachother more easily.

I truely hope this Ring will grow and become the main search ressource dedicated to the computers, videogames or arcade preservation. We're a kind of family as our goal is the same, and i think this Ring may let us being closer.

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