The Computers, Videogames and Arcade Collector's Ring

What's a WebRing and what's this Ring about ?

A WebRing is a list of Internet sites talking about the same things. A such Internet ring is made possible by the WebRing Organization and is totally free. This kind of Ring allow who ever visit a site to jump to another related site simply clicking on a "Next site" button ! This powerful feature make searching related sites simple, easy and very effective.

The Computers, Videogames and Arcade Collector's Ring is one of these WebRings. It is made for everyone wich hobbies are preserving computers and/or videogames related stuff, or simply put informations about these stuff on-line, like Museums Webmasters.

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  • 2 : I own a site talking about old computers and/or videogames. Why do I have to subscribe to this ?
  • 3 : How may I subscribe my site to this ring ?
  • 4 : What do I have to do then ?

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